Be careful before you help a puppy

I received a mail titled "A warning" from one of my friends whose writings I read without giving it a miss. This time I decided to share with as many as I can because of the important information is carried.

A Warning

Something bad happened today, passing on the story, so that this doesn't happen to you too :) -  

A 74-year-old British friend of ours and I went for a walk this morning near Indira Nagar, at 6.30 AM, and we happened to come across a small wounded puppy in the middle of the road, in a quiet residential area. Now my friend Rowena is an ardent dog-lover, has dogs back home in Venezuela, and she immediately bent down to pick up the unconscious puppy to move it away from the centre of the road, where it would have been run over. 
Before we knew what was happening, the mother dog, which was hiding under a car nearby, rushed out and attached her viciously. 4 times, she came back to bite her. And then it came for me, but she just managed to get the loose folds of my track pants, and I fell down while trying to escape, but that was okay. (I think the dog's teeth haven't gone past the skin - if I am wrong, it's bye-bye, folks, it was nice knowing you -:) :) - the doctor said there's no cure for rabies, you just die in a horrible manner.) 
So in a matter of seconds I had a severely wounded old person with me, in shock and bleeding profusely from her arms and legs. 
To cut a long unpleasant story short, we managed to take her to CMH hospital in time and I got the Human Immunoglobin from Manipal hospital after waiting for an hour (it's available only there and in Cash pharmacy, and they don't always keep a stock, they may have to get it from somewhere else, it has a short shelf life). She needed 4 vials to be injected right next to the 4 deep wounds (extremely painful of course). Cost Rs. 28,000. She has to take 4 more shots of Anti-rabies, till the end of the month, but that is just 300-odd rupees each. Fortunately we met a very good doctor, who's been treating dog bites for the last 14 years and explained the treatment in detail.
I am hoping all will be well, she's an exceptionally strong woman, she kept her wits despite the shock of the attack, and the pain, which continues.
The message is that next time you come across a small wounded animal, check if Mummy is around, before you pick it up :) :)  That's what mummies are for, you can't blame them. 
I called up one of my friends with whom I used to volunteer at the Bannerghatta Wildlife Rehab centre, this is her advice: If you do find the mother dog nearby, call CUPA and tell them the location, don't go close to the animal. They have branches in many parts of the city. Numbers are here:
CUPA is short staffed, they would want people to help with wounded animals on their own - but be careful if it's a small animal, and the mother is close-by - that's all there is to this story - am not telling you to ignore wounded animals at all times!

Author : Asha Mokashi


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