Head First, To learn Java

Whenever I read K&R's C book or Bach's The design of Unix Operating System, I wished there had been a bit of creativity and enthusiasm in the way the concepts were explained. For a beginner it was a super hard walnut, though the inner nut was healthy, crispy and yummy. Cracking the outer shell was brain draining. It had taken quite a few studies for me to understand Ritchie. Complains apart. I won't say complaining, lemme say, i am sharing thought of plenty of those who take-up something new to learn. 

Learning never stops, and the need for books to teach us how to do things. This time around am learning a hell lot of new things and in bad need for something simple to make understand quickly. I started to learn Android app programming. I had a stint of Kernel and device drivers in the Android stack but App was a distant concept for me. So some strange turn of events made me do Android apps and I liked it. Maybe because it tricked visually active part of my brain. Along Android came requirement to learn Java. Now, I imagined learning Java the way I had learnt C. By far that little imagination was good enough to make my heart sink. So this time i decided to do a careful study on Java books. Pick the one that is utterly simple and has lots of pictures. 

Source: Amazon.de
Despite having a sea of books at home, i mean Digital ;), I still prefer taking a walk to a book store to surf through the books. In Germany You won't find plenty of technical books in English. You get majority of the books are in German. There I found this book of my dreams with a lot of pictures in German. Still, I wanted to read it. To me it was unbelievable that I read a new technical language in German that I'am learning for about 2 years. I could understand all well. May be because of the simplicity with which the book was written, concepts looked interesting and intriguing. Later I found English version of the book - "Head First Java: Your Brain on Java - A Learner's Guid".

There is something to be noted. When you start learning something new, it is really very important to collect comfortable tools to learn it successfully. For me, it was important to pick something with lot of visuals as my brain works well with visuals than just words. So if you are setting off to learn Java, I strongly recommend that you take a look at this book too. I am sure you are gonna like it :)

Happy Learning.


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