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Wise Whys

Conductor (to the lady standing near the driver seat): olag banri (come inside)

lady looked at the conductor, didn't respond. (Disagreement was evident from her face).

Conductor wanted a little space to move out towards the door. Also there was less crowd inside the bus hence he persistently said to the lady.....

"kannad nahi aati? andar jao".

Lady was equally adamant and said "main nahi jaaongi"

Conductor (Couldn't stand the disobedience) : toh aap utro.

Lady got really really angry and said "arre mein pregnent hoon. main nahi jaa sakti bheed mein".

There was a silence around. All could read that "Sorry" on Conductor's face and there was a sudden shift of support from conductor towards the lady.
In no time conductor did the best thing he could do. He asked the front seater ( near the door) to make seat for the lady.
Everyone had a sigh of relief. I had a thought woving along.

Why couldn't conductor be little patient and ask the…