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H&M store in India

Though not excited, am definitely looking forward to see where Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) is gonna open its first store in India. My bet is on Bangalore and Mumbai. H&M is the second largest fashion retailer in the world. It might offer some good deals and have advantage on its side as India is pretty closer to China. My observation so far is that material supply for H&M is majorly from China, Bangladesh and some cotton clothing from India. I wonder if one has to go ga-ga over this store? Apart from H&M, there is one more Swedish giant trying to land in India. It is IKEA. Definitely a "watch out" outlet for cool home and office decor.

Food matters

Food is something you can put in a lot of creativity. My husband, being a researcher never agrees to it.  With my creativity it is impossible to reproduce the same taste. Well, am less bothered by those comments as I am not trying to produce some data or results to prove any theory as he would in his lab. All I am trying to do is to get something cooked for good health. So my voyage through kitchen and cooking is usually random. I stick to no rules and my ingredients basically hang around what is required to be eaten in terms of protein and carbohydrates.

If you try a hundred times, you are bound to strike the target at least a few times. With all my random experiments I too succeed to get an incredible combination of ingredients that produces mouth watering taste. Schade, I can hardly reproduce the same as I forget what I had used after a while. So I thought of a solution that could help me reproduce the recipe when I want to. The solution is that I can post my trials on my blog. Don&…