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Interview Experience

Interviews will remain a puzzle for me forever. Some say it has got to be your day to get the job. May be. But I tell myself that one has to prepare to the best before the Interview. After the interview leave it as if it's a matter of luck. 
In a foreign land it's more challenging to find a job as the priority goes to the native. For many reasons I find it quite agreeable. Be it in Germany or any other country with the day-to-day language other than English, for  foreigners it poses a great challenge with the job opportunities. One is required to have a mastery of the language to land in a job. After all the hurdles you get the interview call that you have got to handle like an "endangered species" :).
I also had to handle the "endagendered species" a few days ago. There are many things one need to take care but I found interview etiquette remained same as it is in India. I was more prepared because the job interested me more than other opportunities I cam…