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Where's the Sun ?!!!

Evening 7:30. Took my three year old nephew, Pannu out to play. He wanted to bring his little cycle along. I did agree. Dare I not to !!!!. When he asks something, he leaves us with only one choice. That's to say "yes". Then I didn't want to waste time quarreling with him about what to take and what not to take.

We went down to the children's play ground. He was playing around with his cycle and got some question on his mind.

Pannu:  yaak night time aagide?

Me : Sun ilvalla adke

Pannu: yak sun illa?

Me: (puzzled. how do i explain him the revolution and rotation!!!!) ratri urig hogatte. ninu Mysore ge hogtiyalla haage.  adu americage hogatte.

He seemed satisfied a bit. So natural to kids these questions are. Their observation is a learning experience. They question every small aspect. Interpret in a new way. It's so much fun being with them :).