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Little inspiration

Where are those thoughts? Where is that inspiration? The inspiration that would make me write. It occurs as if all of creativity has become hostile to the daily chores of life.
No longer the fresh breeze through the window cools the eyes. Distant horizon where the sun rises n sets doesn't look fascinating anymore. Indeed, it only tells that, it's time to sleep and it's time to get up. I don't remember when was the last time I  saw the sun set. White, grey, orange and red.. yeah those were the enigmatic hues on the west sky. Thick black clouds on a rainy day. No... I no longer pay attention.Always found a little eternal bliss in the drop of rain, silence of the dark night sky, bloom of the flower, riding the scooter, finding a song  ... what not. Things that people termed boring also looked nice n interesting to me.Now neither the river nor the bridge or the fields, none of them draw my attention. I keep thinking what happened to all those inspirations?
Do you remember th…