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One who is in India need not wait for Sun, not so in Germany. I had heard the song "Sommer Sonne" and had thought why this? Do people miss Sun so much. I did realize it within few days of my stay in Germany. It sure makes a lot of difference indeed. Without Sun day is dull.

Weather forecast said it's gonna be Sunny on Sunday. With our German guests, we set out to Ahrweiler which was around 50 km form Bonn. These cities (Bonn and Ahrweiler) are on the bank of Rhine. There is a beautiful stretch you can drive along. Going by train is more fun as you can see the river's magnificent flow.

City was full of hotels. Typical tourist spot. People came here to trek n to camp. We sat in the coffee shop with an ice cream under the Sun in the evening. Sun was really bright at 7. We chatted for a long time about the plants, the hotels, the crazy bike riders and the cars. Waitress came to us to remind that it was gonna be 8 and she had to leave for home. Evening 8 means in Germany…