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Little inspiration

Where are those thoughts? Where is that inspiration? The inspiration that would make me write. It occurs as if all of creativity has become hostile to the daily chores of life.
No longer the fresh breeze through the window cools the eyes. Distant horizon where the sun rises n sets doesn't look fascinating anymore. Indeed, it only tells that, it's time to sleep and it's time to get up. I don't remember when was the last time I  saw the sun set. White, grey, orange and red.. yeah those were the enigmatic hues on the west sky. Thick black clouds on a rainy day. No... I no longer pay attention.Always found a little eternal bliss in the drop of rain, silence of the dark night sky, bloom of the flower, riding the scooter, finding a song  ... what not. Things that people termed boring also looked nice n interesting to me.Now neither the river nor the bridge or the fields, none of them draw my attention. I keep thinking what happened to all those inspirations?
Do you remember th…

dil dhoondta hai

Celebrating Gulzar saab's Birthday on 18th Aug. What magic his words have don't know. Hypnotize every time i listen to them. Just recollecting few of my fav here.
Palko pe chalte [Daayra]: You'll like it at very first listening. Wanna know the perfect time to play this song? Would be the  mid-night on the terrace. Away from the city lights where u can see plenty of stars on the clear dark black sky.

Katra Katra[Ijaazat] : It's a Gazal Genre. With R.D Burmanji's music u sure get the guess right! It's sung by Aashaji. I sometimes ponder over the versatality of Gulzar saab. He started his career back in 1950's and still he's writing lyrics that tops the chart busters.
Sili hawaa choo gayi[Libaas]: This song reminds me 'Yaara Sili sili' everytime i listen to the song. This song has also been sung by Lataji.

There are few beautiful lines i'd like to mention here....
tumsemilijozindagi hamne abhi khoyee nahi

tere sivaa koi naa tha ,tere siva koi nahi



Sometimes i feel i'm not doing anything. I mean "ANYTHING" that I could say i dreamt this n living it now. It might sound funny to you but that's what I'm thinking. Do you ever slip to such retrospective state of mind? You do, i bet. Remember those days when you'd proudly say you would be this or that. Whatever you thought looked so perfect. Isn't it? :). I always wonder what happens to those colorful dreams. What happens to those wings that were supposed grow stronger. Why do they disappear as we grow? I long for those wings. Yearn to revive those dreams. I want to wake up  every morning with the same trust I had in my dreams those days. I'm searching for an escape from all that's going mundane. 
Often I found it's just the mindset we have stops us from taking a fresh start. Hmm I do agree that experiments are only good in lab, not with life. But didn't you ever feel that you're no more on an exciting quest. Don't you feel all that…