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Sometimes i feel i'm not doing anything. I mean "ANYTHING" that I could say i dreamt this n living it now. It might sound funny to you but that's what I'm thinking. Do you ever slip to such retrospective state of mind? You do, i bet. Remember those days when you'd proudly say you would be this or that. Whatever you thought looked so perfect. Isn't it? :). I always wonder what happens to those colorful dreams. What happens to those wings that were supposed grow stronger. Why do they disappear as we grow? I long for those wings. Yearn to revive those dreams. I want to wake up  every morning with the same trust I had in my dreams those days. I'm searching for an escape from all that's going mundane. 

Often I found it's just the mindset we have stops us from taking a fresh start. Hmm I do agree that experiments are only good in lab, not with life. But didn't you ever feel that you're no more on an exciting quest. Don't you feel all that zest is surrendering to the silly problems. When was the last time you lost yourself as you might have lost yourself doing what you enjoyed the most. When was the last time you stole time from time and got busy doing something that made you forget everything. Think about it. If life is tangram, choices are tans. All we have to do is arrange tans to form the shape we like to see.  


  1. 100% true.. We are all struck in the wave of magician called modern life. Everyone dreams. Few feel achieved, few sense near by, few never try to achieve, few dont know where are they heading for.I guess I fall into last category :)


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