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Sometimes i feel i'm not doing anything. I mean "ANYTHING" that I could say i dreamt this n living it now. It might sound funny to you but that's what I'm thinking. Do you ever slip to such retrospective state of mind? You do, i bet. Remember those days when you'd proudly say you would be this or that. Whatever you thought looked so perfect. Isn't it? :). I always wonder what happens to those colorful dreams. What happens to those wings that were supposed grow stronger. Why do they disappear as we grow? I long for those wings. Yearn to revive those dreams. I want to wake up  every morning with the same trust I had in my dreams those days. I'm searching for an escape from all that's going mundane. 
Often I found it's just the mindset we have stops us from taking a fresh start. Hmm I do agree that experiments are only good in lab, not with life. But didn't you ever feel that you're no more on an exciting quest. Don't you feel all that…