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Dot Seven thirty I was in the Bus. I make sure I leave early so that I reach office early. Just a delay of about fifteen minutes usually costs an hour delay due to the slow moving traffic. So a better deal is to leave early. But today was a very unlikely day. Despite all my pre plans, I got stuck in a slooooow moving terrific traffic that in turn inspired this month's blog post :).

Neither I've complaints about the traffic nor any suggestion to get out of it. First task is pretty boring and the latter is laborious. Just an observation i'd love to put up.

When I got stuck in the traffic, I was about 3km away from my work place. Most of the people opted to walk rather waiting in the bus, so did I. To my surprise I didn't feel tired or irritated but was happy to be walking under soothing shade of the trees. Nostalgic I became seeing big tree on both sides of the road. It reminds me of the broad cement roads with huge trees in my home town. Reminds me of the early morning…