Interview Experience

Interviews will remain a puzzle for me forever. Some say it has got to be your day to get the job. May be. But I tell myself that one has to prepare to the best before the Interview. After the interview leave it as if it's a matter of luck. 

In a foreign land it's more challenging to find a job as the priority goes to the native. For many reasons I find it quite agreeable. Be it in Germany or any other country with the day-to-day language other than English, for  foreigners it poses a great challenge with the job opportunities. One is required to have a mastery of the language to land in a job. After all the hurdles you get the interview call that you have got to handle like an "endangered species" :).

I also had to handle the "endagendered species" a few days ago. There are many things one need to take care but I found interview etiquette remained same as it is in India. I was more prepared because the job interested me more than other opportunities I came across. 

The more informed you are you've better chances. Just being technically very good might not fetch the interest of the interviewer as there are many good fellows out there. Lemme cut my conversation to the point. All I want say is, don't ignore the Company information before going to the Interview. Thoroughly prepare yourself with the information about the competence of the company. You may fetch some good articles and books on interview preparation to get you a better track. Try to collect experience of those who are trying to get the job so you are aware about the difficulties, mindset of the people and hiring trend.

I successfully attended two rounds of interview. I swear I had the best time preparing for the interview this time than any other. Or I enjoyed it than panicking just because I was prepared. Both ways sound true, right :)?  


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