Business in Small town

Do you remember saving as little as 25 paise to get rented bicycle for half hour ride. I do. It was the time when owning television was a privilege. So Bicycle didn't come as a play accessory but a necessity in day to day life. My father rode his Hercules cycle whole his life to work. Now it is a matter fashion and sense of being friendly to environment and to ones own body ;). Coming back to renting a bicycle, it was a business back then. Cycle shops would keep small bicycle that a 10 year old could rent on hourly basis. It was a simple business, but to me concept seems rather vast. It might be an outdated business now, but i think there should always be tiny businesses floating around so all classes of the society can do business.

Small towns might not make great place for the work force but women explore opportunities of their own to earn their pocket money. That might not be completely true now. Times might have changed with extended tv invasion into homemakers lives. I wonder if it has  killed the creativity of the homemakers(Who, I consider, are the busiest or say, could be ;) ) to a large extent. Homemakers could strike a pretty good deals in small towns as they have a better social network. The place where  i grew up had middle class families and farmer families. They usually have monetary needs during the harvest season. So the wives of the farmers would come to my mom asking if she could help. In turn they would supply milk as interest until they could return the money. That made a good business compliance. Isn't it?

We were also selling something back then!!! I vaguely remember selling flowers for 10 paise. Probably i was quite small to remember the details. What I am trying to say is, we all might have had some or the other experience in selling. Isn't this selling and buying means business?  If so, why don't small towns flourish? It could be that it is not enough of business. Then isn't there a possibility to improve on it? Is the centralized business in big cities inevitable? Well, terms of business are trickier than i could define as a common man. But my common sense say if Business is conservative and centralized it leads to accumulation of wealth among few that creates unhealthy distribution of wealth. So there should be a way to constantly bring back old business tricks into small towns in a new way rather than accumulating the cities.


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