To u dear i

Am calm as if I found something after a long haul, as if my brain was crowded with confusing thoughts all these days, n they r settling down now. Away from the crowd within, am trying to embrace the silence. The time i lose myself in my thoughts is the best time spent.
For a while i don't wish to be known by anyone. For a while i want to be there as if am not there. I want some peace with myself for a while.I want some time to feel guilty and apologize for not giving enough time to listen to myself, for neglecting "YOU" dear "I". I know you are the only one who's going to be with me even if i cared or not, "YOU" are the only one.
It's a joyous moment for a writer when her writing is not only appreciated, a profound thought is added as well. Thank you Sudhir for a thoughtful epilogue. When I wrote "To u dear i" I didn't feel it was incomplete. After receiving Sudhir's verse as a Comment on "To u dear i" I'm thinking it is indeed incomplete without those beautiful lines. Hence sharing with u all here,

I know U r d only one

Who's going to be with me even if i cared or not

U r d only one

Who loves me in my dispirit days even if neglected

U r d only one

Who splashes array of hopes even in d dark days

U r the only one

Who i realised finally, is a big cheerful Daemon blinking through my eyes



  1. Arre..nan comment yelli anta hudukta idre blog lle seri bidoda...nodi khushiyaaytu..thanks..Hey Jay ..who told ur blog is incomplete I just summerised ur thoughts in poem aste ..keep writing :)


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