Fake Notes from ATM

You go to an ATM. Draw 15,000/- in the evening. Next day you take 2000/- out of 15,000/- , go to the same same bank to deposit. Mr. Banker wouldn't accept a 500 rs note saying that it's fake. Bank manager will not take responsibility for such notes unless you prove that it's been drawn from the same Bank's ATM. What do you do?
I'm not telling you a story. This has happened with my neighbor and could happen to anybody. So the lesson is, be attentive at the ATMs too. Cross check notes with the denomination 500 and 1000s.
If you have any better ways to deal with such situations please do leave a note.


  1. This happend in Bangalore many times..We should know d basic features of original notes and should cross check every time we take d money.no ways !!.u kno 1 thing..its always safe to withdraw money in banks than atms :)

  2. That's right. Fake notes r very difficult to distinguish. Close observation is needed n who'll have time to do that.


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