Fake Player

IPL is over with the glory as expected. I didn't follow it much except last few matches. Every now and then updates would just fall on my ears. That's how a blog called Fake IPL player caught my attention. At the bottom of this blog you will see a disclaimer by the Fake player claiming that everything in the blog is mere fiction. I'm less bothered about whether he's a true player or fake. I'd rather sit back and enjoy reading his blog.... Fake IPL Player. I enjoyed reading the blog more than watching that game indeed.

As you go on reading the Blog, appreciation naturally comes out for the writer for his sense of humor. So well written that at the end of the day you still ponder, who could this be in the team Knight Riders. Some say it could be Ganguly or coach himself. Else who could have such good gyan of dressing room dramas. What masala did he add to cook up those names. Walllah!!! they r finger lickin' good. My fav are Kishen kanhaiyya (Krishnamachari Srikanth) and Batliwaala( guess is yours). Now you'd like to taste the blog, right? go on.

Amidst all fake(or not, i don't know) stories written by fakeiplplayer, one thing's very true...

".......some others have been asking me if the matches are fixed. I want to ask you, why fix matches when you can fix the game? You take a 5-day game, make it into a day game, and then further shorten it to a 3.5 hour game. Throw in scantily dressed dancers, cleavage-showing anchors, beauty contests, dumb ass commentators with stupid jokes. And some seriously good competitive cricketers. And you have a magic potion that can hypnotise 200 Million people for 4 hours every day for more than a month. That 200 Million population has more money in their hands than any betting syndicate in the world. The game's about your time and your money."


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