The Loverly Car

My legs started shivering. I wanted to run but there was no way I could put it into action. Turned the key again, engine roared and I released the clutch slowly. So stupid of me to expect the car to move without taking my foot off the brake. But there seemed no co-ordination between my toe on the brake and the brain instructions. I looked into the rear mirror to check the traffic. There was a red hot bus behind. The bus driver was surely annoyed on my failure to make a way for him. Some how managed to move the wheels. Else, I would have got stuck for another minute at the traffic signal. I assumed there won’t be any signal at 7:30 in the morning and went out to harness my driving skills at the heart of the Palace city. Oh boy! I didn’t know driving in the city with the signals on is dreadful. It’s fun on road that is devoid of people and vehicle. I prefer two- wheeler for its flexibility on the narrow and crowded roads. On the other hand, love to drive my brother’s loverly car for the pleasure of learning something new. So far my driving skill has changed the wheel alignment and made accelerator lose sensitivity. I wonder how brake survived!!?
I’m optimistic that my brother would never find time to read this post. Well, he has never stopped me though.
Here’s a poem which is little realistic and a wee bit of imagination.
Only once I dropped the flashy mobile
And lost player, it was by chance dear brother.
Burnt the radio, oops , lack of knowledge.
Crashed your car, lack of experience.
I still take care of so many other gadgets
‘coz I know you love them so do I.


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