Me and My Stars

I would like to welcome you to my space of thoughts with a short story. I'm sure even you had a similar experience with the facts.

Me and My Stars
I gazed out of the window to see if any one of them is missing. I know I can't make out even if few of them go absconding. Still I like counting them when I don't get sleep. Small, big, bluish, reddish and so on.I admire all, but am a little biased towards big, blue stars.
As a kid I believed they were paris [angels] in bright blue frock with magical powers. If our wishes were true they would come down and fulfill them when we sleep. That is what they did in the stories told by my granny atleast. Later my teacher taught me a fact that they are suns but calledstars because they are far away. Disappointed I was. Because I had so many wishes that pari had to bestow.
More and more facts accumulated. Stars turn into a black hole. I would say it is a transformation of a good ol' light emitter into an eater. Heck! Why should I care? Facts are so annoying. They killed all my imagination. Hence I decided not to go behind them. I would dwell among stars to fathom a never known world. Count them as if they are wishes. Join them to create a picture on the dark canvas and slip to sleep to seethem come alive.
Calvin says....
"Reality continues to ruin my life."


  1. Wow!!! Finally the day has come. Was waiting for this moment!
    My best wishes to your “Little Realistic and a wee bit of Imaginative” journey.


  2. Nice one. Agree with you. Yakshagana used to invoke so much of wonder and awe in us those days. Once we grow up and know that humans are playing those roles, we lose all that excitement. Same applies to many things.

    ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ಬರೆಯೋದು ಯಾವಾಗ?

  3. @Pramod
    Thank you. Got to see how it goes.

    @Jagali Bhagavata
    Really there are so many things. Next post kannaDadalle :)

  4. i like the flow of yours!... the fairy in a bright blue frock was awesome to read!!... :) ... The beauty of it lies in the simple fact that you are able to see an entirely new and a beautiful perspective of something which is considered so very common!!... Kudos to you!!!... Keep finding the jayashree inside you!! ... I am sure shez got loads more perspectives about loads more things!!... :) ...

    P.S. Who said fairies do not exist?... :) ... They are all around u and me... :)


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