Water and Air

There is much to this commodity. Colorless, odorless, universal solvent or simply elixir. You know what I am talking about. Yes, it is water. A worrisome fact is that it is becoming scarce, hence costly. When it incurs cost, there comes a plan to cut the cost too. I came across this organization called GiveMeTap in a magazine that works towards one such people pocket friendly cause. It is not just pocket friendly but environment friendly too.

GiveMeTap says Give me tap water. It is an organization started by Edwin Broni Mensah in the UK. Concept is quite simple. Instead of buying bottled water, you buy a bottle from GiveMeTap that you can refill at the cafes that are linked with GiveMeTap free of cost. This way you are saving environment of plastic bottles and you help somebody in Africa get clean water as the money made by selling these GiveMeTap bottle goes there. Sounds a good deal.

I always hoped air and water are the two resources should always be free. Be it rich or poor, first world or the third, they should be clean. It is not as simple as I write. The day is not very far that we might need an oxygen cylinders to breathe. I might end up writing about some organization that provides free oxygen refill bottle too. You never know.



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