I liked my visit to a region of Eifel last week. Eifel is the kind of place you wouldn't regret losing way in. Oh I forgot to say, "in summer" :).. The place we went for treakking was Vogelsang. Vogelsang came as a bit of surprise as we didn't expect a Military training camp there. The camp was build during Nazi rule. After 1946 used by the British and then by the Belgian. Yet, it made quite an interesting day trip. We took a guided tour of the place at 2pm and later walked into the woods. The tour that lasted for 90 min gave an overview of the place. Vogelsang is spread over 100 hectare, doesn't fail to bewilder you in many ways. The training camp has a big theater to show movies(only war movies), football stadium, swimming pool and lot more. Best of all, it was surrounded by the beautiful Eifel forest which was cut through by rivers, the Rur and the Urft.

View of Eifel forest from the Training Camp

Rock Solid building,a part of the Camp

Place to Eat

Football Stadium

It says... Even a small step can bring something big

Training Camp

Cinema Hall (Really a biiig one !!!)


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