Learning and finding Job in Germany

There is always a new experience in a new world waiting to bewilder you. So has my experience with finding Job in Deutschland/Germany been. Land that is known for the pünktlich(punctual) people, land know for robust automotive technology and known for perfection in whatever they build.

I've been pretty impressed with the perfection they attain in whatever they do. I guess they even look for a very perfect resume to fill the job. In India I hardly spent my time on writing a cover letter. Why would I spend my time writing the cover letter if I could get interviews just by uploading my resume in a job portal?!!! Here everyday I spend hours only writing the cover letters. Brighter side is that my Vocabulary has really improved, specially adjective ;).

I sat with a book on Resume and Cover letter, spent hours understanding how to write an impressive Cover letter. With all enthusiasm sent first few to different employers thinking that i'd get call in a week. But to my surprise I got a reply saying my resume didn't match the criteria after few weeks. I was not surprised that my resume didn't match the requirement but was surprised that they sent a beautifully formatted rejection letter. It was something that never happened in India when I applied for the Jobs. I only used to receive acknowledgement if I had applied for a big company and perhaps an interview call if employers were interested.

Resume in India and US need not have a photograph and personal details. But in Germany it is required. Here every little data is documented. Everything in black and white.I learnt to accept it. That's how the system works here. So here is a lesson for those who are looking for job in Germany, "All good things for those who can write a nice cover letter(better if it's in German) and wait" :).


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