The Groundnut

In the evening I used to take a walk to a park near by and sit there for sometime. Listening to the chirps of the birds, looking at the squirrels moving around gave me peace of mind. On one such evening a little boy came to me asking me to buy groundnut. just thought it might help the boy in some way and bought it. He neatly wrapped in an old news paper, handed over to me, took two rupees and left happily. Now what do i do with these groundnuts in my hand? simply started eating it watching the squirrels climbing up , coming         down. Swiftly moving on the grass          
in search of food. As few of them were moving around in my front I dropped few groundnuts for them too. All of them simply ran away but one slowly returned after sometime as if it understood my intention. We had a good time eating groundnut together.It became a routine for me to buy the groundnut, for  boy to sell it to me and for squirrel to share it with me. Squirrel was no longer afraid to come near me. Now it would take groundnuts from my hand, play around my feet. We had a strange way to tell each other the day's story. We just listened to each other in silence. If it were a good day, the routine used double that joy. If it were a bad day routine did absorb those feelings too.

Meanwhile I had to move to a cousin's place for her wedding. A month slipped quickly. After the wedding returning home excited me. I wanted to run back to the park to meet my old buddies. The squirrel and the groundnut boy. I eagerly waited for the evening. This time I had memories of a month to recollect and rejoice. I went to the same bench at almost the same time. In fact a bit early. I saw the groundnut boy sitting at the corner of the park. His eyes were keen looking for customer. As his eyes laid on me I waved at him asking to come to me. He enquired about my absence and handed over goundnut for 2 rs. Now my eyes were eager to meet another friend of mine. Thought it should be around. I threw some groundnut on the grass but squirrel didn't turn up. I waited for an hour, it didn't. I just couldn't imagine it was  not around among those many squirrels. I wanted to say sorry for being away for a while. But how do I find it? where do I find it?. Or is it angry with me. It's there up in the tree, hiding from me for being away? It must have waited for me. I've heard animals are more affectionate than humans are. Or it just moved to some other place in search of food. Or is it that it doesn't recognize me any more. Thoughts simply mounted in no time.I had only regrets that evening.All of those were my thoughts. But what squirrel went through remained a question for me as groundnuts remained in my hand. 


  1. Aaaw! That must have been awful!

    Now I know why you keep feeding peanuts to all the squirrels in the world! You are still looking for your long lost friend, aren't you?

  2. Oh..You must have been missing your dear friend lot.Nice write up.The flow pushed me to loose myself insearch of ur sweet squirrel.

  3. maybe the squirrel moved to some other place in search of food. one month is really a long for animals to stay in same place. but it is indeed true that the animals are most affectionate than humans...:) hope you'll get your friend back someday..:)

  4. @Sudhir : Thanks. I'm fond of squirrels. So wrote this story :). aa thara yaavdaadru friend irbekanta nang yaavaaglu ansatte. yaakandre they make even so called normal day colorful.

    @Karthik : Thanks. It's a story written by me, so I can always write a sequel and get my squirrel back :). What i wanted to say through the story is that we few things in life are never replaceable by something else. So we should always take care of those.

    Wish all of you a very happy new year.


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