Shades - light and dark

Here are few expressions and experiences of mine. At one point or the other, we all experience this.

No , it's not always easy to forget what people say. Worst is when they hurt your dignity. Why can't people just let u be what u r n what u wanna do. What's wrong in taking a long route n try to figure out what what u wanna do with ur life. Why the hell one should do what these people expect us to do. It's my life n what i do is my headache. Why is this world so much bothered about it?

Me: Hello
Doctor: I was about to leave. I saw u inquiring for ENT specialist and stopped.
Me: Oh then I'm lucky.
Doc: U r.

Me: Thank you.
Doc: So what's the problem?
Me: I've dry cough from past few weeks. Here's is the prescription I've been given.
Doc: Ok. Are you working?
Me: Yes
Doc: Where?
Me: xxxx Technologies.
Doc: So you are an Engineer. Where did u study?
Me: BMS, Bangalore
Doc: One of the oldest colleges. Nice.
Me: How do you know. Any friend from BMS?
Doc: (Diagnosing my throat)  No. I know about old colleges. My daughter is an Engineer. She did her Engineering from NIE. You know when was NIE started? It was before Independence. I wasn't even born.Even SJCE wasn't there. I think JC was started during 60s. That was the time when I did my MBBS.
Me: Where did you do MBBS? I think we had very few colleges back then.
Doc: Yes. Only four. But luckily I got it in my first attempt. Very difficult days. When we were studying we didn't have as many options and exposure as you people have now. We had to take-up either PCM or PCB. So who studied Mathematics they would go to Engineering and one who studied Biology would go to Medicine.
Me: Oh really. Hard. What's your daughter doing now?
Doc: She is in US. A very bright student she was. She did her Mtech from IIT.
Me: ( Boy! that's something. I couldn't stop exclaiming this in mind) Wow. You must be missing her.
Doc: Yes, My only kid. You look much like my daughter.
Me: oh very kind of you to say that. Is your daughters' Mtech considered in the US companies?
Doc: No. She was selected on-campus to work in the US. When she got married, had to leave that job. Anyway she's doing her MS now.
Me: Oh good. Is your Son-in-law from Mysore as well?
Doc: No. He is a Bihari ( I was shocked ). Well, It was my daughter's choice. She told me that she would marry only if I say 'yes'. I know my daughter. I told her, 'U can go ahead. I will always be there for u no matter how things go'. My son-in-law is a very down-to-earth person. He is doing his Phd from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Looking at him you won't feel that he's such a brainy fellow. His parents respect us a lot. Even we wouldn't have found such good boy for her.
Me: I'm really happy that you supported your daughter ( I wished every parent was like him)
Doc: (With a serene smile on his face) You just have got tonsil enlargement. Take this medicine. Your cough should be gone in five days. See me before that.And you can reach me on this number.

As I left hospital my mind was full of thoughts. How many parents do this? One life is so much crafted by people around. Specially with parents and relatives influencing every key decision of life, it is like we almost live their dreams. Is it necessary that we should listen to them at every step? Yes, they tell you out of their experience.They love you the most. If so why won't they respect your choice and standby you? Easier is taking the path that's been tried. Nevertheless everyone's life is unique and different. The choices that we make from the bottom of heart are the only true ones. Only they can stand testing times.


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