The Daffodil Principle

When I read the article "Daffodil Principle" I was amazed to see how little work/day can add up to a big success. You shouldn't wait for a perfect day to start when u've an idea. No matter how small the idea is water it. Let it grow no matter how slow. The happiness u reap everyday in doing what u imagine with ur eyes wide open is incredible. This story inspired me to grow plants.
I brought the first rose plant home on the day of Ramjan. I remember it so well 'coz that day I went to office, discovered an unexpected holiday on the account of Ramjan. Naturally, was very happy. On my way back home I found a bunch of saplings. Out of which a rose plant looked serene with a tiny baby pink flower. That was the start. I would water it everyday. Closely watch the sprout. One fine day the plant smiled with a rose.

I realised how simple it was to grow plants. All you need is a plant and a pot (yep, soil in it). Water it twice a day. Eventually u'll see fresh flowers transforming the cement structure into a delightful living space :).
I added two more rose plants, thought of naming them as these names give a sort of closeness. Though a lot of common name stuck, I was in search of verdant names. When i call them it should sound synonymous. Ended-up with Anani(water flower), Avani(Earth), Aashna(beloved/hope) . A beautiful coincidence was to see Aashna in full bloom on V-day for the first time since I potted it. I don't know if i would be able to name every new plant but the trio will remain special.

The experience was lot more than just growing plants. I learnt something very basic about the nature. Nothing in nature is waste. Everything is recycled which in-turn balances the ecosystem. I started applying the same principle. Now I use water that's used to wash vegies to water the plants, bio-degradable waste as manure. All of this was a waste before. Am a bit relieved of guilt that am not doing anything to save nature. If not in a big way, am doing it in my own small way.


  1. claps to Anani, Avani and Aashna..The dew drops on the flower are well captured.. thx Jay for introducing ur mates to us.. they r cute..

  2. wow! what a way to get inspired!! anani is so beautiful. avani and aashna looks like twins. a colourful world with happiness, beauty n feelings.

    nice write up jaya n celebrate today :)

  3. @Sudhir : Pleasure is mine :)

    @Pramod : They look alike yakandre onde class aa flowers ella. Hybrid-T roses antare :)


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