Road to Success

Buddie called me for a usual talk. This time he was thrilled. I could make out his excitement. It was for all good reasons. He got VISA for an onsite assignment just after a few months of joining an MNC. Haaa... I said, "I should idolize you. All your hardwork and determination is paid off". He politely declared that it was all because of God's grace. He said, "Look, just a month ago I was thinking of travelling by a local train so that I could save some money. Now, I have a flight ticket booked. I feel so weird".
How Buddie had struggled for more than six months for a job after his contract with a company was over, looked like a fairy tale. His contract was terminated mojorly because of recession. With three years of experience in the field of Mobile Protocol testing he started his job hunt. Initially he used say he'd get an offer soon. It didn't work as he had thought it would. 'N' number of interviews and no replies. Waiting for one single response for weeks. No, they are not easy to digest once u r accustomed to five figure salary/month. Mounting pressures and frustration are not easy to tackle. Albeit he stuck to his goal. For a while he had to work here n there which was completely unrelated to his competence but he constantly tried to get the right job. It's funny that he was rejected at an institute for no good reason!!! Now we laugh at all that. I think we all will get a chance laugh at the crisis we face only if we try our best to get out of it as Buddie did.


  1. Great..This is not just ur buddy story..its applicable to all soft engineers..Life is so high sumtimes n it drops to so low without any reasons..We should have courage to face it n wait for right chord to strike it ..Ur friend did the same..Convey my wishes to him.. Cheers !! keep writing :)

  2. cool write-up..
    This is every'buddie's story. Not just related to job! you are right if we try our best we will reach our every tones of our life..
    good one.

  3. @Sudhir: true. IT job madodu tumba kashta specially during recession.job kaLkollo tension idiyalla adu innu hopeless.

    @Pramod: You got it right. That's what i wanted to say.


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